what we stand for

Nobody leaves his or her home country voluntarily, even if it were situated in an area of conflict. In the end, fleeing into a foreign country also means fleeing into the unknown. When arriving in the new country, refugees often feel left alone. Administrative appeals are difficult, even more so, when the respective language is not spoken. Even a simple cold can appear as challenging. There are already several initiatives and projects, which aim at supporting refugees – also apart from everyday matters. That is where ANR draws on. We would like to interconnect already existing initiatives, drive and coordinate common social commitment, as well as serve as the initial contact point for refugees and helpful people from the society.  In this sense, offers and initiatives for refugees are collected and continuously updated. Associations or individuals, who intend to get actively involved, are more than welcome to do so. On the one hand, we would like to draw attention to already available offers, but on the other hand also fill existing gaps.

We observed that the conditions of asylum camps and the situation of refugees are partly precarious.

 This is unworthy of a democracy like Austria and it is for this reason that we would like to call upon every single citizen for his/her participation. The situation of refugees in Austria is far from satisfactory, however, we are sure that together, step by step we can help said people provide a better life for themselves.

We are a group of Austrian citizens, who would like to contribute to refugees feeling welcome in our beautiful home country. The concerns of people are relevant to us. That is why we want to accept our responsibility as mature citizens and support these people during their hardship.

"And to each is a direction that he will take, so you shall race towards good deeds [...]" (Quran [2:148])